Who we are

We are non-profit, public-spirited and dedicated to increasing the understanding of how African societies develop so that individuals, organizations, markets and institutions work for a harmonious, inclusive, tolerant and just society.

Our Vision

A people – centered African community enabled for sustainable development

Our Mission

To support women, children and families so that they receive assistance, recover and rebuild lives free from fear and violence.

Our Goal

African communities facilitating people-centered development processes for enhanced peace, healthy living and sustainable environmental practices through self-propelled strategies.



Our Focus areas


Cash transfer program

Cash transfer program to conflict affected- women IDPs in Adamawa state.

Security Sector Reform

Children should learn peace not conflict. They have a role in security sector reform in Africa.

Food Security and Resilient livelihoods

Food security and resilient livelihood in Africa remains the key out of poverty

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How we work

  • We work to enable Africans deal with adaptive social protection issues to reduce social exclusion and all forms of vulnerabilities emanating from natural or human-induced emergencies which affect women, children and impoverished families.
  • We reassure people affected by disasters/ conflicts by supporting them to rebuild and make their lives more resilient.
  • We consider protection issues that deprive women, girls and children the opportunity to reach their full potentials and dignity as violence that threatens their safety and fulfillment of their rights. Some of these include but are not limited to the violence against women and girls, safe schools initiative, water access, employment and equal opportunities clusters.
  • We identify families affected by crises in Africa, and reach out to them by supporting children living in extremely difficult circumstances (e.g. children with one or no parent; working-children; children who are victims of abuse; bullied children and differently-abled children and their mothers).
  • We seek and provide material, financial and psychosocial support for these individuals and families to enable them come out of the trauma of the crises / difficult situations; and follow-up to ensure they are rescued from the dangers of neglect which can lead to another life-long cycle of trauma and possible violence.

Our Strategies

Awareness building: through community sensitization outreaches, seminar and workshops

Policy Advocacy and influencing: we work with you conduct in-depth researches which provide evidence base and informs our campaigns, policy advocacy and engagement with stakeholders on citizen-driven issues in education, health and environment & food security sectors.

Networking: through stakeholder forums, Consultative Working Groups, the Media, Partnerships with existing issue-based Coalitions and Advocacy Platforms.

Think Tanks: working with a body of experts, we are able to provide advice and ideas on specific social economic problems. Our efforts contribute to the policy making process by publishing reports that are as rigorous as academic research and as accessible as journalism.

Human rights advocacy: Women’s human rights advocacy, Reproductive health and rights, child rights protection issues; environment and right to food.

Research and Documentation: Production and dissemination of Knowledge Management and Communication Materials (KMCM) such as Fact Sheets, Policy briefs, Position Papers, and Learning (Training) manuals useful for advocacy work in Education, Social Protection, Health and Environment & Disaster Risks Reduction.

Direct Cash Transfer: for livelihood enhancement beneficial to women, children, persons living with different abilities and in difficult circumferences
Literacy: Occupational literacy for persons who are unable to achieve formal education but willing to enhance their knowledge and skills in the areas of their expertise or enterprise

Home-based Care and Support:: for children and elderly persons who require the services of care givers to be able to live a normal life unrestricted by functional or mental abilities.

Assessments, monitoring and evaluation: we track change and measure development progress. We have experts who conduct impact evaluation and organizational assessments.

Dear Africa practices what it researches through innovative project design and implementation, directly improving socio-economic progress in Nigeria and Africa. We undertake proposal development and implementation of development and humanitarian assistance.