What We Do

Dear Africa applies its experience by specializing in research/ survey tool development, relief works, project implementation and monitoring and evaluation in the following focus areas of development:
Public Policy in Governance
Emergency and Disaster Relief (for Victims of disasters)
Health, Education and Environment

Our technical abilities include economic policy and social analysis / assessments, surveys/appraisals, statistical and applied research, emergency relief and peace works, program design and implementation, and qualitative and quantitative monitoring and evaluation skills.

Dear Africa has further evolved into an organization which fosters the creation of independent didactic materials on topics such as human rights, food security, economics, governance, health, environment, organizational skills, technology, social media activism, and effective management of community based organizations.

Dear Africa benefits the public good by bringing synchronized energy to four distinct functions that together have the potential to profoundly impact social and economic progress and development. It is intended that these functions will drive, inspire, and inform one another.

Dear Africa designs and conducts top quality research, the relevance and quality of which is measured by the application of its findings to current practice and implementation in the social sciences field.

Policy and Implementation Tools
Dear Africa develops and produces tools that contribute to the progress of social and economic development through service provision and policymaking. Like its research program, this area benefits from the DEAR AFRICA’s experience in project implementation.