Who We Are

We are non-profit, public-spirited and dedicated to increasing the understanding of how African societies develop so that individuals, organizations, markets and institutions work for a harmonious, inclusive, tolerant and just society.

A people – centered African Community enabled for sustainable development.

Mission Statement: Helping women, children and families recover and rebuild lives free from fear and violence.
By doing this, we are stimulating the emergence of healthy societies and environment by enabling Africans build partnerships for activating, sharing, learning and tracking development practices.

African communities facilitating people-centered development processes for enhanced peace, healthy living and sustainable environmental practices through self-propelled strategies   


  • Awareness building: through Community Sensitization Outreaches, Seminar and workshops
  • Networking: through Stakeholder forums, Consultative Working Groups, the Media, Partnerships with existing issue-based Coalitions and Advocacy Platforms
  • Human Rights Advocacy: Women’s Human Rights Advocacy, Reproductive health and rights, Child Rights Protection issues; Environmental Rights.
  • Documentation: Production and Circulation of Knowledge Management and Communication Materials (KMCM) such as Fact Sheets, Policy briefs, Position Papers, and Learning (Training) manuals useful for Advocacy work in Education, Social Protection, Health and Environment & Disaster Risks Reduction
  • Direct Cash Transfer: for livelihood enhancement
  • Literacy: Occupational Literacy
  • Home-based Care and Support: for Vulnerable Persons (Children and Elderly Citizens)

Dear Africa has further evolved into an organization which fosters the creation of independent didactic materials on topics such as human rights, food security, economics, governance, health, environment, organizational skills, technology, social media activism, and effective management of community based organizations.
Dear Africa benefits the public good by bringing synchronized energy to four distinct functions that together have the potential to profoundly impact social and economic progress and development. It is intended that these functions will drive, inspire, and inform one another.

Project Implementation
Dear Africa practices what it researches through innovative project design and implementation, directly improving socio-economic progress in Nigeria and Africa.